For a yoga newbie, poses like Crow or Scorpion can ignite fear in your heart. So, taking your practice off the mat and onto a paddleboard floating on top of water might sound like sheer madness. No worries, YRK has you covered with tips from yogi Jackie Dahlheimer on how to downward dog on the river.

  1. Treat it as Play: Yoga poses on paddleboard are more difficult for sure. It requires more core stability to do a warrior pose on the board. But unlike poses on the mat, when you fall off of the board, you land in water instead of on the floor. This just makes the experience more fun! Like always having a refreshing safety net to catch you if a pose goes wrong.
  2. Leave Your Worries Behind: Yoga—whether it’s on land or water—is a process of exploration. We never know what we can learn day-to-day experiences. Always come with a beginner’s mindset and you’re bound to learn something new.
  3. Take Your Practice Back to the Mat: Poses that are simple on the mat turn into a different challenge on the board. At the same time, doing yoga poses on a paddleboard causes you to shift your focus toward your center. After all, you won’t be achieving any inner peace if you let passing boats interrupt your concentration! Back on solid ground, you can use your newly developed lower core muscles and self-awareness to make your practice stronger.

With these tips in mind, your transition from land to water will be flawless. Just remember, worst-case scenario: you can practice your savasana on the board!