Few shows have the audience on their feet in a standing ovation multiple times, with clapping slightly louder each time, but Josh Ritter’s performance with Barnstar! was the exception.

People happily relaxed during the pre-show party as they listened to a local musician strum along on his guitar or they eagerly played ping pong at the tables tucked into the back of the room.

As the opening act came out on stage, many audible, feminine gasps could be heard throughout the theater as an attractive group of men in pristine suits took the stage and introduced themselves as Barnstar! As they began to play, the audience sat dumbstruck over the amazing voices and instrumentals of the band. However, everyone quickly recovered to clap along and sway in their seats.

After Barnstar! left the stage, a line formed the length of the theater to meet the band and buy their music. As music guru JJ Sheffer pointed out, this kind of reaction is unheard of for an opening act.

By this point the show had changed from a show into a party. When Josh Ritter finally took the stage accompanied by Barnstar! bassist Zachariah, everyone was already well hyped up. As Ritter sang, his smile radiated throughout the room and between songs he kept saying how much fun he was having, thanking the audience for being there.

Finally, Barnstar! and Josh Ritter took the stage together and everyone was on their feet dancing and applauding the awesome collaboration between these artists that meshed so well.

As usual, Caplive put on a great show that definitely wowed the audience. Keep an eye out for more great shows coming up!