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Blossom Med Spa - York, PAIt’s been a rough summer for your skin. You’ve soaked in the pool, sweated on your morning runs and absorbed perhaps a bit too many rays than you intended.

At Blossom Med Spa in York, medical aesthetician and owner Megan Dalton and her team deliver a range of chemical peel treatments for many types of skin concerns.

While addressing sun damage is one application, chemical peels can be beneficial in correcting pigmentation, treating deep lines and wrinkles, and rehabilitating acne-damaged skin.

“Chemical peels work for a variety of skin concerns because they are customizable,” Dalton says. “Certain active ingredients work to target different skin conditions and work in different layers of the skin.”

Although chemical peels often have a negative connotation attached to them, Blossom Med Spa takes away the intimidation and makes the treatment experience pleasurable and restorative. Even people with sensitive skin types can benefit from a peel treatment.

An enzyme peel and layer treatment offers a mild, gentle form of exfoliation that can give your skin a smooth feel and glow.

For those who seek to correct skin concerns related to hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, scarring and uneven surface textures, Blossom Med Spa’s Vi Peel provides a deep exfoliation treatment.

“It’s a strong, result-driven treatment and causes little to no discomfort while the peel is being administered,” she says.

“We are able to offer a variety of medical-grade chemical peels because we have a medical director … [and] are able to provide stronger treatments that penetrate deeper into the skin.”

Fall is an excellent time to refresh your skin, and chemical peels offer ways to reinvigorate your outer layer so that you can let your inner radiance shine forth this season.

Model Megan Forbes’ (above right) skin radiates thanks to her beauty regime with Blossom Med Spa. Apparel provided by Sweet Melissa’s Dream


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