We had such a great response to our emerging artists feature, and we have more stories of young talent to share with you. This week, we’re profiling Brandi LM (Brandi L. Mummert) and what she’d like to do with music in her future.

Brandi LM (Brandi L. Mummert) - York, PAName: Brandi LM (Brandi L. Mummert)

Age: 22

Brandi LM is a rock ‘n’ roll-influenced singer, songwriter, guitarist, radio show host, professional writing and music industry major honors student at York College, and radio host. Her unshakeable urge to write and perform began as a toddler; she and her father would improv sing and dance more than they walked and talked around the house. She’s now written lyrics to more than 600 songs and taught herself guitar to complement those lyrics. Suffering from lifelong anxiety, depression, insomnia and eating disorders, she used music as a reason to persevere.

Brandi loves creating in York because the artists here support one another. “In other areas, it’s all competition,” she says. “Here, each artist is ready to collaborate and sincerely happy when another creative’s work takes off.” She believes her best work of art is yet to be created, but so far, she likes her songs “Skin,” “Hearts and the Lottery” and “Couch.”

In the future, she plans to keep a band together long enough that she can dance and interact with the crowd instead of being glued to the mic with her guitar. Overall, she hopes to travel and share her music with others in hopes that people will be able to use it as an outlet and therapy as she does. “I don’t need to make it big — I just want to have enough influence and stability to give back to those who don’t have a voice — especially children and animals.”

Find Brandi LM:

Website: Brandi LM.com (for YouTube, SoundCloud, Portfolio and more)

Instagram: BrandiLMmusic

Facebook: BrandiLMmusic

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