Going to stores like Dick’s Sporting Good gives you the chance to buy the necessary gear for a trip out on the Susquehanna or the Codorus, but the experience ends as soon as you step out into the car infested parking lot.

Instead of settling for a sterile box store and a faraway adventure, make a trip to Wrightsville to visit Shank’s Mare, featured on page 45 of issue 9. Not only will you be able to rent paddle boards and kayaks, you can go to the general store and purchase Shank’s Mare’s fun Go Play Outside hats, shirts, and sweats. Take your new outdoor gear directly from the rack out onto the water.

If you tend to appreciate the outdoors more from a distance, skip paddling on the river and instead visit Lock 2 Café for sandwiches and light food with free music every Friday night during the summer.

Shank’s Mare still has many awesome activities scheduled, including stand up paddleboard yoga and the Muddy Run Canoe & Kayak Race. Make sure to plan your adventure before the weather turns cold!