We had such a great response to our emerging artists feature in our summer edition, and we have more stories of young talent to share with you. This week, we’re profiling Hannah E. K. Eberly, a visual artist who aspires to use her creative work in service to others.

Hannah Eberly - York, PAName: Hannah E. K. Eberly

Age: 25

Hannah E. K. Eberly is a visual artist who specializes in painting. Her career began during a childhood that surrounded her by her family of 10 in the backseat of a 12-passenger van. “I started painting people, and still do today. I believe that people are the most beautiful creation, since we are made in the image of God,” Hannah says. “And if I believe in the quote ‘art for beauty’s sake,’ then people are what I will paint.”

Hannah’s home in York’s art scene connects her to the people she commits herself to serving. “[They’re] the people that I want to help flourish through the realization of their beauty in Christ,” she says. “Also, York has the coolest people. The ladies from the HIVE artspace are so welcoming to everyone. Rita [Whitney] is super affable; Brenda [Wintermyer] is a great mentor. I could go on and on affirming so many great people who have impacted me as an artist in York.

“I’d love to see the York artist community share the beauty of art intentionally with the people of the city who are most hurting and most run down by the culture of a violent and revengeful life. It would be my hope that the beauty of art could impact the hearts of the hurting here in York city.”

Hannah’s greatest piece is either her very first or her latest portrait. “My first because it was then that I formed the concept that I carry to this day,” she explains. “My latest portrait because it represents who I am as an artist most accurately today.”

Her highest goal is for people to see how beautiful and creative they truly are. “I often express this through the color and design of the background and halo around my clients.”

Find Hannah E. K. Eberly

Website: HannahEKEberly.com

Facebook: facebook.com/hekeportraiture

Instagram: hekeberlyportraits

Written by Brandi L. Mummert
Photography by Eric Forberger