We had such a great response to our emerging artists feature in our summer edition, and we have more stories of young talent to share with you. This week, we’re wrapping up our emerging artists profiles with John Wisniewski (aka MadLover), an emerging rap artist who believes York’s creative community fuels his interest in writing and performing music.

Name: John Wisniewski (MadLover)

Age: 20

John Wisniewski (MadLover)’s rap career began in ninth grade when he wrote poetry to impress girls. “Eventually, one of them said it sounded more like a rap than poetry, and the rest was history,” he explains.

John says he likes York’s art scene because it offers plenty of outlets to showcase artists and many people who are willing to help with creative ideas. “There are so many talented people here in York, and everyone is very supportive, especially at AK Beatz.” Whether they are musicians, photographers or designers in York, they all feed off the energy of one another. I would like the York artist community to host more open mics and concerts allowing York artists to play their music.”

His single “Fade Away” is the greatest work of art because it’s the first song that many people heard and enjoyed. “It gave me the motivation to continue to do music because I realized that people actually enjoyed what I made,” John says.

In the future, “I really just want to connect with people; that’s what I love to do. Just sit down and feel something and hope that it makes someone else feel the same way I do. I want people to experience what I feel when I make a song. I am still finding myself as an artist and as a person, and I want people to see that growth through my music and maybe it will help them grow as well. I also want to work with other people who have as much passion as I do for the art.”

Find Mad Lover:

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo: @thatboywizz

Written by Brandi L. Mummert
Photography by Eric Forberger