May’s First Friday was another spectacular event that showcased the increasing splendor of downtown York. As usual, Beaver Street was a hub of activity, with people excitedly strolling from shop to shop.

Women in flower crowns from Foster’s Flower Shop looked ready to hit the May Day Fairy Festival while Summerhouse Photography made us wish for a Roman vacation with a photo both set up with ferns and architectural columns. The gloomy skies from the past several months were blissfully traded in for warm weather and renewed excitement.

For White Rose Bar and Grill, Mudhook Brewing Co. and The Holy Hound, Moms on Main meant a selection of live music that led to some questionable dance moves worthy of Ellen DeGeneres’ blooper reel. RPM stole the show in the White Rose parking lot as their music echoed down the streets and alleys. A dance party broke out with people of all ages moving to the music and belting out the wrong song lyrics.

At Holy Hound, tables and coasters were shared readily among the plaid-wearing hipsters and suburban home dwellers out for a night the town. The pros and cons of various brews were debated and recommendations of what number to order next were offered.

You could spend the next First Friday on June 5 trolling on Facebook, it’s your life after all. But wouldn’t you rather be hanging out with the movers and shakers of York? Join us for #ffyork’s Brewhaha.