The savoring and flavoring, the tapas and taverns … Restaurant Week York (#RWYork), Feb. 25–March 4, offers you the seat to experience York’s tastiest culinary offerings. This year, several new establishments make their #RWYork debut, diversifying the dining options in downtown York and beyond.

How should you make the most of these eight days of dining? We put together our guide to navigating the bites and beverages during #RWYork.

Don’t Bypass Breakfast and Brunch

If you’re an early bird, you’ll get not only your pick of the seating, but also some great deals on fare that goes beyond toast and juice.

Baron Von Schwein InteriorYou might not think of the Baron (Baron Von Schwein, 35 W. Market St.) for breakfast, but the Baron’s got your breakfast covered, with $5 and $10 breakfast specials ranging from a zesty Thai Chicken Biscuit and the Perk Up (housemade buttermilk biscuits with fried chicken and Cajun sausage gravy).

Early morning shoppers at Central Market can get treated to a Busy Bee Romeo Whiskey Break (a tater tot, bacon and cheddar casserole topped with bacon, eggs and a bourbon maple and Dijon Hollandaise) or a sweet banana and Nutella crepe with confectioners’ sugar and whipped cream courtesy of Gigi’s Crepes.

What’s Cooking with the New Kids on the Block

Since #RWYork 2016, several new restaurants have joined the York dining scene. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss from the new kids on the block:

  • The Handsome Cab (106 N. George St.): No matter what your price point may be, The Handsome Cab has a few dishes to suit. Lunch options range between $10 (Saku tuna on flatbread with cucumber, avocado, soy drizzle and wasabi mayo) and $15 (a tequila citrus marinated chicken breast over mixed greens). Dinner specials, covering three courses, range from $10 to $40 — with seafood, meat and vegetables in the mix.
  • Rockfish Public House (110 N. George St.): Rockfish delivers with its $10 lunch specials. For those soup and sammich lovers, you’ll find a lobster grilled cheese sammich served with a cup of the soup of the day. The $30 dinner gives diners the RPH Around the Bay Seafood Platter experience (with its selection of crab-stuffed flounder, NOLA grilled oysters and clams casino) or a two shellfish, one pasta special (sautéed shrimp and scallops tossed in alfredo sauce and served over cavatappi pasta).
  • Taste Test: A Pop Up Restaurant Series (101 S. Duke St.): The South Duke StreeChef Hamir Patelt home for York’s new restaurant incubator will feature Chef Hamir Patel (right) bringing his Infusion Indian Kitchen specialties to the Taste Test Kitchen March 2–4, 5 to 9 p.m. The three-course dinner at $30 per person will bring the flavors of Indian cuisine in the form of coconut curry with chicken and naan, Chole masala with naan and Indo-Chinese chicken with peppers and onions (vegetarian options will be available).
  • World Grills (29 E. King St.): International cuisine stars at this Royal Square restaurant. Stop in for the $10 lunch set of Khao Man Gai (chicken with rice simmered in fresh ginger, chicken stock and Thai herbs) or a $15 lunch set of Pia Neung Manao (steamed fresh fillet swai with chili lime sauce served over steamed rice and vegetables). 

Options for the Vegans and Vegetarians

Forno Bova, the mobile wood-fired pizza enterprise of Chef Peter Bova, will pop up at YorKitchen inside Central Market Feb. 25 and 26 and March 4 and 5. From a Cannellini with Hearth Herbs Bruschetta to a pistachio pizza (you read that right, a pistachio pizza) with rosemary, red onions, garlic-rosemary oil and fresh mozzarella, this pizza is not to be missed.

The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar (120 N. George St.) offers a $40, three-course menu featuring a Brogue’s garden greens salad of butternut squash, pickled beets and honey chipotle vinaigrette, and a winter vegetable layered lasagna with basil pesto ricotta béchamel, mozzarella and tomato confit.

Seek Out the Special #RWBeer

History Untapped DishesFor #RWYork only, Collusion Tap Works (105 S. Howard St.) is brewing a special beer (#RWBeer) you can find only at participating bars across downtown York: a 5.5 percent blonde ale with citra and rakau hops.

Have we whet your appetite enough? The #RWYork folks have even made planning your dining attack even easier this year with a printable week planner that you can download to track where you’ve been and where you want to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During #RWYork, check in with the YRK team on social media where we’ll share our dining discoveries with you.

By Michael Vyskocil
Photography: YRK Creative