It’s no surprise that hearts begin to race at the mention of Valentine’s Day, but it may not be for the first reason that comes to mind. Searching for the ideal gift for your loved one can cause quite the adrenaline rush. Your special someone deserves something special, not from a big-box retailer. Five York-area businesses answered our challenge to come up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas that go beyond the red roses and commercially manufactured chocolates.

York Valentine's Day Gifts

Pictured: Vera Bradley yoga mats (Collage), Tea Drops (Kimman’s Co.), hand-dipped chocolate treats (Anstine’s Candy Box), Luxuriant arrangement (Foster’s Flower Shop)

Anstine’s Candy Box

If you’re looking for a classic Valentine’s treat, Anstine’s Candy Box is the shop for you. Inside this South Queen Street candy store, you’ll find custom-arranged chocolate boxes and hand-dipped chocolate treats.

  • Custom Fancy Heart Chocolate Boxes

$10.99 (standard size)

$19.21 (large)

$35.95 (extra-large)

  • Hand-Dipped Chocolate Treats

$3.95 (chocolate, peanut butter hearts)

$1.50 (chocolate-covered pretzels)

$1.50 (chocolate lollipop heart)

Anstine’s Candy Box

35 N. Main St., Red Lion

1901 S. Queen St., York


Kimman’s Co.

Desserts taste even better with a hot cup of tea. Kimman’s has what you need to keep your Valentine warm on a chilly February day.

  • Tea Drop Organic Tea Leaves – $1.95 each (loose-leaf teas molded into various shapes including stars, flowers, and, of course, hearts) Teas come in 12 flavors: cardamom spice, rose Earl Grey, matcha green tea, chocolate Earl Grey and more.
  • JoJo, HandCrafted Key Rings – $34.95 each (Jewelry is made from 100 percent recycled keys. A portion of the sales go to a different nonprofit each month.)

Kimman’s Co.

57 N. Beaver St., York


Collage Specialty Boutique

Give your partner the gift of good health this Valentine’s Day with exercise for the body and the mind.

  • Vera Bradley Yoga Mats – $48 (vibrantly colored, Havana butterfly yoga mats perfect for both Valentine’s Day and year-round use)
  • Lifetime Candles – $69 (charming rustic candles that contain a smokeless and odorless liquid paraffin; arrives sealed and ready to burn. Handcrafted in the United States.)

Collage Specialty Boutique

932 S. George St., York


Foster’s Flower Shop

If you’re looking for fresh fragrance, Foster’s Flower Shop is your stop for handcrafted floral arrangements that go beyond the typical rose bouquet.

  • Luxuriant Arrangement – $100 (features an avant-garde arrangement of purple lisianthus, quicksand roses, purple delphinia, Cymbidium orchids, ‘Blackberry Scoop’ scabies, antique dianthus and peacock feathers)
  • Price ranges for other designer’s choice arrangements differ depending on flower and container selections.

Foster’s Flower Shop

27 N. Beaver St., York


Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market

Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market in Loganville—a short drive from downtown York—features a variety of baked goods such as gingerbread men and women, plus hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries.

Brown's Orchards Gingerbread Couple

Gingerbread couple (Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market)

  • Single gingerbread man or woman – $3.95; gingerbread couple (since no gingerbread man is complete without his woman); $6.95 (other designs available; 24-hour notice is required)
  • Chocolatecovered strawberries (hand-dipped in the market; available in both dark and white chocolate): $1.89-$22.99 (available beginning Feb. 10; preorder is highly recommended, but the strawberries are also available at the bakery counter)

$1.89 (quantity of four in a plain container)

$7.99 (quantity of four in a small heart container with a bow)

$10.99 (quantity of six in a plain container)

$21.49 (quantity of 12 in a plain container)

$22.99 (baker’s dozen – 13 – in a large heart-shaped container with a bow)



Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market

8892 Susquehanna Trail South, Loganville

717-428-2036, ext. 227

Compiled by Brandi Mummert for YRK Magazine
Photography by Eric Forberger