Do you have what it takes to travel in time to the ‘70s? What about break free from a precinct? Or better yet, unravel the thought process of Sherlock Holmes to escape his study?

Escape Games, located on Philadelphia Street, is just the place to test your logic and brainpower. Grab 4-8 of your friends to see how quickly you can escape from one of the game rooms. Don’t worry most people will get out within 1.5 hours and will be allowed to finish no matter how long it takes.

Owner Michelle Hill sees experience style games to be the way of the future. People now want more active experiences instead of passive activities Hill believes. What you’d spend on going to see a movie and having popcorn can be better spent on a unique bonding experience.

YRK has partnered with Escape Games to offer $25 off a game. For a chance to win, post a photo of yourself and the team you’d bring to play on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #YRKescape.